Do you know someone who collects salt and pepper shakers?

I just listed a nice collection, so if you know someone who collects, let them know. I have a large range from turn of the century to the 1980s. There is an Avon set, some Florentine glass, depression glass, sterling silver,  carrots, cactus, kangaroo, and even some San Francisco Acme Beer bottles from the 1920s. 

These came from a friend of mine and were her mothers and grandmothers. She had them in a cabinet for years and was tired of them all just  gathering dust, so she took out her very favorites and had me list the rest. We both hope they find good homes for people that really appreciate them. 

So, now that I have that done, I have some organizing to do today! Staying organized is crucial to my business since I have to be able to quickly find things to answer questions about and get shipped out right away when I get an order. I pride myself on providing quick processing. 

Until next time.... Have a wonderful day!