Creative Passions

I've been making art my whole life, but decided to get more serious after some health issues forced me to stop working. Since then, I added another passion, vintage hunting to supplement my starving artist budget! Which has really cut into my painting time, but that's ok, I love the hunt. There are never enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. I have been playing with polymer clay about 15 years and been making the mermaids for about as long. I love making jewelry and have worked with silver clay and glass fusion but haven't mastered them enough to sell what I have made. Yet! I love selling on Etsy and am so impressed with the kindness of my buyers, my admirers and my lookers as well as the Etsy staff. Unfortunately, trying to keep up with my vintage sales leaves me little time for practicing art. I became interested in vintage about 5 years ago, thanks to my Mom who has been collecting forever. I have grown to love it so much. I love going to estate sales, antique and junk shops and finding unusual cool pieces that I think other people will love as much. Sometimes, it is really hard to let something go, and sometimes I can't and have to unlist it! Luckily, I like to stay organized so I don't do that too often. I finished school recently to be an certified appraiser and started an estate selling business. Exciting things are happening! If you are interested, please check out my blog  and please follow me on instagram at 27seahorses or on facebook as the same! I love making new friends so leave me a message! Oh, you can email me as well at kimberly too! For local estate sales or appraisals in the central valley of California, call me at (209) 756-5868. Thanks for looking in! 

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