Howdy! If you are coming to my site to find out about my Estate Sales, you have come to the right place. Below is a copy of my contract. If you have any questions or are ready to book, give me a call at (209) 756-5868. 

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                                               Estate Sale Contract 

Thank you for the opportunity to conduct a sale of the contents of your home. We, 27Seahorses (referred to as broker) plan to begin organizing and pricing on (date)__________ (time)______, with the sale to be held (date)_____________ from (hours)______ to ________. Our objective is to sell every item and maximize the proceeds of the sale. 

1. You, (referred to as client) are required to remove and pack all personal items that are not to be sold and move into a room or storage prior to a minimum of five (5) days before the sale. Any large furniture items that cannot be moved and are not to be sold will have a “SOLD” sign put on it by the broker.  

2. Broker will not sell ivory, guns or taxidermy. 

3. The acceptance of this sale is based on all of the merchandise shown to us.  4. There will be no presales or previews prior to the sale. If you wish any family member to have anything to be in the sale, this must be done before we view the contents. 

5. Client must not remove anything after preview and contract signing. 

6. Clients, their family and friends must be absent from the property the day of the sale(s). 

7. Broker will sort, organize and price items and provide and/or pay for any necessary special appraisals. We appreciate your input regarding the value of specific items; however, broker reserves the right to make all final pricing decisions.  

8. Broker provides for and/or pays for the advertising, any staff, conducts the sale and subsequent bookkeeping. Advertising includes advertising on Estate sale websites, newspaper, emails and placing directional signs. 

9. Broker retains ______% of gross sales.  

10.If staff is required to unpack items in boxes, an hourly charge of $25 per hour will be assessed.  

11.Our service does not include housecleaning, trash or hauling or removal of unsold items. Brokers staff will leave the place neat but will not pack up unsold items. 

12.If there are unsold items we deem saleable, broker may buy it outright from you or agree to a consignment plan. 

13.We request a house key, or garage access and any lockbox or gate code necessary. Code for ______________ is __________. 

14.Broker requires that you hold current home owners insurance. Your policy must cover theft, fire and accidents. We also have liability insurance and are bonded. We will make customers aware of any steps or dangers with caution tape and word of mouth. 

15.We require a $200 deposit made payable to 27Seahorses Vantiques. This will be refunded at time of disbursement. If sale is cancelled, broker will retain deposit and charge you $25 per hour, per person for any pricing, sorting or organizing.  

16.Broker will disburse the funds within two (2) business days after the sale in the form of a business check. Client will be provided a written summary of sales totals along with fees and expenses deducted.   

I have read the terms above and do agree to abide by same. I will not hold 27Seahorses Vantiques, or its employees liable for accidents, injuries or theft on the property. I certify that I have appropriate insurance of the property.   Client Signature ________________________________Date________ Address_____________________________Phone number__________   

27Seahorses Vantiques, Appraisals & Estate Sales 

Kimberly Scott